Frequently asked questions
What's the different between Pro and Premium plan?

Pro vs. Premium Plan: Pro offers standard trade leads and basic verification, while Premium provides comprehensive trade data, special trade and personal verification, and enhanced security.

What is TradeData.Pro Trade Leads?

TradeData.Pro Trade Leads (World’s Largest Trade Leads platform): Our trusted partner for international trade leads, offering comprehensive global trade data, supplier information, customs records, and import-export insights.

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Which countries covered in the Trade Leads?

Coverage: Trade leads cover over 200 countries worldwide.

Why do not provide one month Subscription?

We recommend a minimum of 3 months for international trade activities due to the typical duration of prospecting, negotiation, and deal closure.

Where is the Trade Leads source from?

Our data is sourced from reputable entities, including chambers of commerce, government trade offices, customs bureaus, embassies, consulates, shipping companies, and in-house research groups.

How often Trade Leads updated?

Regular updates and verification, ranging from daily to weekly, ensure data reliability.

How reliable and trustworthy of Trade Leads data?

Data is sourced from reputable entities such as customs bureaus, renowned shipping companies, and authoritative data providers, ensuring reliability.

How do we get Trade Leads Info & Report?

Pro Plan subscribers receive reports directly via email, while Premium Plan subscribers can access data at any time

Where is Trade Posting Channel?

Subscribers of the Pro Plan will have the opportunity to post in over 200 Facebook Groups, each with a membership of over 10,000 individuals, that are dedicated to international trade.

What is the trust of International Trade & ID Verification?

International Trade & ID Verification: Identity verification is essential for trust and security in global trade. We offer various verification services in collaboration with Shufti Pro (Award-Winning Global Trade Verification).

What is Shufti Pro service?

Shufti Pro Service: Our trusted partner for identity verification, using AI-powered solutions to ensure reliable trade partnerships.

Shufti Pro is the World’s most reputable trade & personal verification with AI-powered. It’s global award winning and trusted by 1000+ Global Enterprises & SMES

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What is KYC, KYB, KYI, AML?

These terms are related to customer and transaction verification for legal compliance, fraud prevention, and anti-money laundering efforts.

KYC – Know Your Customer
KYB – Know Your Business
KYI – Know Your Investor
AML – Anti-Money Laundering

Can I cancel subscription during the period?

Subscriptions can be canceled at any time, but please note that there are no refunds.

What's the price of add-on service?

Explore a range of add-on services to facilitate your trade transactions, including corporate and product presentations, document translations, and video/image creation.