Increase more sales without border restrictions

Find Clients Online VS Participate in a Trade Show

Reach and Audience Global Reach > Customers & Partners from different countries and regions Specific Focus in that area and industry
Cost Low Cost & Measurable Very High Cost:- Booth Rental, Travel, Shipping, Accommodation, Staffing, Promotional Materials
Targeting Increase more sales without border restrictions and 24/7 Availability present. Monitor and Adjust Promotion effectively. Only meet during specific time at Trade Show
Engagement Social media interactions, Live chats, Webinars, and Interactive content Direct Engagement and Good Personal Relationship
Measurability Easily tracked and measured using various analytics tools. Harder to track leads and quantify the long-term impact
Reliability Save Time and Resources with Our Quick and Efficient Verification Services. Also Prevent Costly Trade Disputes Take longer time to search and checking. Also pay higher cost
Timeframe Can be launched quickly anytime and see results in short time. Control and Adjust strategies in a minute. Advanced prepare for specific time in Tradeshow, get longer results after the event.
Sustainability Contribute to a more environmentally-friendly approach as it reduces the carbon footprint associated with physical trade shows and travel. May use and consume more physical things.
Health & Safety Risk Reduce a chance to in-person event, ensuring the well-being of participants and attendees. More Risk on Travelling and Personal Touch. Uncontrolled weather condition

Compare - Online Finding Clients Via TradEXPath Platform VS [Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Tiktok Ads, SEO]

TradEXPath Google AdWords Facebook ADs Tiktok Ads SEO
Reach Target Audience Direct and Focus on specific industries and countries for the most effectiveness Also, verify the accuracy that saves time and effort May not reach the specific target due to too high bidding Limited to specified targeting due to Privacy concerns Mainly focusing on younger, then it may not suitable for other target. Also limited in targeting and interests Good for a long run but need more special technical skills or expert to do
Cost & Budget Cost affordable and effective. Depends on each package Expensive Especially Popular Keywords when Bidding Click Fraud Challenges. Leading to a wasted budget Costs can escalate quickly due to high demand for keywords and demographics Click Fraud Challenges. Leading to a wasted budget Higher cost of the popularity of this channel platform Very expensive charges for each keyword ranks due to popularity
Results Measure the results of Trade Leads, Trade News effectively and verified accuracy through reports that are sent directly to your mailbox or through instant search. Also providing additional options to penetrate and approach directly to clients Need to be monitored closely to adjust ad campaigns for more effective Ad Fatigue. Target audience may become accustomed to seeing your ads and decline in engagement Focus mostly on short videos. It may not be suitable if use other formats Limited insight analytics. Hard to analyze and optimize campaigns effectively. Uncertain and not guarantee Based on Industry, Competitions
Measurability Get report frequently or search instantly Basic Measurement More challenges of Platform Changes and require more ad adjustment Basic Measurement More challenges of Platform Changes and Ad blocking Factors such as ad quality, targeting accuracy, and competition can impact the outcomes. Harder to measure. Ads may need to adjust frequently due to quick trend changes Need to wait very long time to measure. Algorithms Changes to rankings. Sometimes beyond control that need more effort and resources
Timeframe Immediate and weekly depends on package Immediate Immediate Immediate Long Time Consuming